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TCU Tune

We offer TCU (Transmission Control Unit) tuning for the latest automatic (8-speed) and DCT transmissions. If you are looking to improve the sharpness and overall drivability of your transmission, then this might be something to consider in your tuning search! A TCU tune must be accompanied by an ECU tune due to the raised rev limiter. For those who get both the ECU and TCU tune, you can take full advantage of the fuel cut feature – allows you to hold any gear without the transmission automatically up-shifting or down-shifting in manual mode. You can enjoy the increased REV limit with the purchase of our TCU without your transmission automatically up-shifting!

Your TCU tune will be loaded onto an EXTRA OEM TCU specifically made for your car. If you would like to send in your existing TCU, that is also an option! When purchasing your ECU & TCU tune, please email us at with a list of any modifications done to your car and engine (if applicable).

All of our ECU and TCU tunes include shipping to you and can be shipped anywhere in the world!

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Custom Dyno ECU & TCU Tune – BH Genesis Sedan 5.0L


Terms and Conditions


With any ECU or TCU tuning, you are changing the factory standards and parameters of your car and this can consequence the performance and health of your engine and other working components of your vehicle. At 10fintec, we only work with reputable and skilled tuners and we try our absolute best to avoid such issues. We endorse only professional installation of all products sold under 10fintec and cannot guarantee working condition of a product due to improper use or handling after leaving our facility. Additionally, any incorrect information supplied to us for our tuning service or improper installation can result in damages to your car. Any auxiliary costs pertaining and related to; parts, labour, repairs, and fees are not reimbursed by 10fintec and is not responsible for any damages to the vehicle.

We endorse off-road use of all performance related products or services that is beyond the Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M.) or factory standards. Changing the factory standards of your car through performance upgrades or ECU/TCU tuning can void your manufacturer and/or third party warranty. All Canadian four cylinder Genesis Coupes are equipped with an immobilizer system. This disables the vehicle, unless the proper ignition key is used. In order for a new ECU to work properly, the immobilizer data must be copied or programmed. Please contact us at for more information about programming options. All vehicles with a keyless entry system will not need to program their keys, and the ECU tune will be locked to your vehicle.

Please note that the BDM ports of the ECU will be permanently blocked for data security reasons. Due to the vast differences of power output from car to car, we cannot guarantee any horsepower or torque gains prior or after tuning and results will vary.  The shipping of our ECU or TCU product can take up to 5 weeks for processing and delivery. During these uncertain times, we cannot guarantee a specific date of delivery.

Return / Exchange Policy

All tuning products and / or services provided under the name of 10fintec are custom, made to order items. Accordingly, any refunds, cancellations or exchanges will not be granted other than the reason pertaining to a manufacturing defect that renders the product unusable as intended by 10fintec. If a manufacturing defect is found at the time of installation, the product will need to be shipped back to our facility for a preliminary inspection. As apart of the refund process for a manufacturing defect, either a replacement item will be sent to you, or a refund will be initiated. There are no returns, replacements or cancellations for ECU / TCU products or tuning services for reasons outside of a manufacturing defect. Such sales are final and are not eligible for a refund. If modifications or changes to the product or tune is requested by the customer, there will be an extra tuning fee and any shipping related costs will not be reimbursed by 10fintec.


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