HKS – SSQV IV Blow-Off Valve (Unviersal)


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If you’re installing a turbo system, it’s very important that you take every precaution to run it safely. The blow-off valve (BOV) is an essential component that relieves pressure to prevent the turbo’s compressor from going into surge. This HKS universal blow off valve is rugged, dependable, and sounds great too. Every part matters when you’re upgrading your car, and this critical part will give you the performance that discerning gearheads demand.

Product Features

This Super SSQV 4 HKS blow off valve uses the same mounting flanges as previous generation SSQVs, ensuring compatibility with all optional HKS SSQV inserts, recirculation fittings, and recirculation kits. This high-quality part also features a nickel-plated, die-cast metal secondary valve, which is swaged to the primary valve, and a stainless steel C-Clip and spring to increase sealing and durability. The welding and installation process is straightforward and simple, and instructions are clear and concise.