Turbo Parts Canada – BK2 Turbo Rebuild and Upgrade (Top-End CLIPPED 9 Blade)




Turbo Parts Canada – Turbo Rebuild & Upgrade Description

The Genesis Coupe BK2 has a great and responsive turbo from factory. It hosts a twin scroll housing for great spool, but it lacks top end power. We now offer a massive 68mm upgrade that should send you close to 400whp with supporting modifications and the upgraded 9 blade turbine wheel. The clipped 9 blade turbine wheel upgrade is great for those who seek top-end power. On the other hand, the 11 blade turbine wheel is great for those who want a quick spool.


We only install upgraded bearings to ensure your turbo gets the proper oiling under high boost. The OEM bearings are single feed which are met for stock boost. When increasing the boost pressure, you need to double the oil at the thrust to ensure optimal performance under these conditions.

Included are; new billet wheel, bearings, seals, balancing, and CNC machining.


Price posted is the cost of rebuild + upgrade with the core supplied by you. If we supply the core, an additional fee of $400CAD will be added.

Please contact us directly at info@10fintec.com if you would like to supply the core to us or pay for the core charge in person.


The above graph depicts 10fintec’s Custom Dyno Tune with the Turbo Parts CanadaClipped 9 blade turbine wheel upgrade AND an external wastegate with various supporting modifications. Please contact us at tuning@10fintec.com for more details.


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