ECU Tuning

Here at 10fintec we are passionate about offering a reliable and proven tuning solution for Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis platforms. By utilizing your stock ECU (Engine Control Unit) of your car, we can optimize the performance of your car given its intended use – daily driver, track car and drifting. The benefits and power gains with ECU tuning can be experienced whether you have a completely stock (un-modified) car, basic bolt-ons, or major modifications!

All tuning is conducted by David Lee of South Korea. He has been around the world with decades of experience; however, in North America, he is most commonly known for his contribution in tuning the 800whp 2014 Hyundai Genesis Coupe showcased at SEMA. Back at home, a regular day consists of tuning everything from daily drivers to track/drift monsters with complete upgrades (motor, turbo, fuel, etc).

Dynamometer (Dyno) Tune

Custom Dyno Tune Graph – 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T

Custom tuning completed on dyno is the best – and safest – method to maximize the power and performance of your car while simulating various driving conditions. While operating the vehicle on dyno, our tuner is able to monitor live data from the ECU along with air-fuel readings to make adjustments as required. The end result is a tune developed specific to your vehicle, and its modifications, designed for optimal performance and reliability.

While other shops may specialize in or recommend bench flashing for a variety of platforms, we understand the science behind a proper tune developed for real world application. With 8+ years of KDM specific experience we can quickly identify if your vehicle is not performing as should be and can try to address any mechanical issues before continuing dyno tuning.

Custom tuning events can be set-up anywhere in the world; however, require a minimum number of vehicles due to transportation and accommodations that would be required. Please contact us at
info@10fintec.com for more information and pricing.

Please note: We only offer tuning for those that use a minimum of 91 octane.

Canned Tune

This is another tuning option we provide for those who are looking for a quick and easy way to gain reliable, yet conservative power. For those that are not interested in custom tunes or simply cannot make it to our custom dyno tune events, canned tunes are a great option for you! This is a plug and play solution for your tuning needs. Our tuner uploads a map onto the ECU that supports your cars modifications and upgrades accordingly.

Customized Features

Depending on the model, engine and ECU type of your car, there are additional features that can be selected:

• 1:1 Throttle : Enables pedal position to match throttle position

• Rev limiter / Redline limit increase

• Secondary o2 sensor (ON / OFF)

• Exhaust pop and bang: The exhaust will make a popping noise or burble sound on deceleration.

Adjustable Volume
o High
o Moderate
o Low

• Launch Control: The launch control feature will enable your car to launch at a set RPM. (Available for MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS ONLY)

• Flamethrower: Enables your car to produce flames from the exhaust. Note: This feature is extremely aggressive and can damage internal components. This feature is only available for off-road use.

TCU Tune

We also offer TCU (Transmission Control Unit) tuning for the latest automatic transmissions. If you are looking to improve the sharpness and overall drivability of your transmission, then this might be something to consider in your tuning search! A TCU tune must be accompanied by an ECU tune due to the raised rev limit feature. For those who get both the ECU and TCU tune, you can take full advantage of the fuel cut feature, which allows you to hold any gear without the transmission automatically up-shifting or down-shifting in manual mode.


2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T with the Stage 3 custom dyno tune.

Hyundai Genesis Sedan 5.0L V8 with the custom ECU and TCU tune